I Love America

By Christian Barranco

I love America. And I am horrified at the way my country is being portrayed in the media and on the streets where thugs, rioters, looters and leftists are abusing democracy in an attempt to obliterate America’s proud past as they struggle to destroy our culture.

I am proud to celebrate Independence Day and all that it has meant and continues to mean to all of us and the world at large. Those taking to the streets this weekend to defame our nation’s founding are ignorant of our history; they lack perspective, and they pose a danger to our liberties. Their idea of freedom is to take away our individual freedoms.

I am very grateful that men with vision and courage had the strength, audacity and intelligence to craft and endorse the Declaration of Independence – the signing of which we celebrate today. Each man who signed that ground-breaking document and sent it to King George III knew he was doing so at the risk of their lives against the most powerful nation on earth. Yet the fight for liberty was more important to them than the very real threat of execution.

I don’t want to lecture the misdirected “protesters” on America’s history. But I challenge them to do one thing that might bring some perspective to their image of our great nation. Travel

I have had the good fortune to travel and to spend time with friends and relatives from other nations. Many of them want to be Americans and they frequently tell me why. I encourage the disgruntled people destroying our cities to spend time in a nation where oppression by the elected or the ruling class is the order of the day; where personal initiative is squashed from above, and economic and lifestyle options are few if any. I invite those who harp on American inequality to see what real poverty and inequality is like– poverty elsewhere does not come with any modern amenities and sometimes without electricity or running water – look just south of the USA on our own continent.

There is a reason that people travel great distances to try to get into this country. The dream ignited by the Declaration is still alive 254 years later. You don’t see people risking their lives and the lives of their children to get into Russia, China, or England. Why do you suppose that is?

The leftists behind the marches since George Floyd’s tragic and terrible death are using racism as a ruse to hide their true intentions. They want to remake America into a socialist paradise. But socialism and Communism have been abject failures for millions of people.

Yes, there are inequities in America. The solution is not rioting, burning down businesses and destroying people’s jobs and livelihoods. Change can come only through, honest, fact-based discussion – and the willingness to look at everyone’s failures – including our own.

For the past six weeks, all we have heard from the anarchists is demands that WE change. That WE capitulate. Not once have we heard what THEY will do. What responsibility THEY will shoulder. What change THEY are willing to make? A one-sided agreement is no agreement at all.

I cherish Independence Day because without the seminal document that laid out the inalienable rights of men and women, I would not enjoy the success I have. My family’s roots in this nation are NOT deep. My parents came here to grasp freedom and to take a chance to shape our own lives. We have done well; not because the government gave us a handout, but because government got out of our way. That’s a big part of what America’s Independence Day is – freedom from government meddling in our lives.

Please enjoy your freedoms this holiday weekend and take a moment to remember how we got them.