Biden, Leftists Off to A Bad Start Protecting Jobs

Square Deal for New Jersey
By Christian Barranco

It didn’t take long for President Biden to cave in to the far left of his party and start using his authority to kill good paying jobs. On his first day in office the new president effectively axed the Keystone XL pipeline that would stretch from Canada to Nebraska and wiped out $1.6 billion in investment in jobs across three states.

With the stroke of his pen the president killed nearly 11,000 jobs, including almost 8,000 well-paying, blue collar union jobs – and the environmental extremists cheered.

People who are desperately in need of work in a pandemic will not have jobs.

Businesses in hard hit communities that were counting on workers having money to spend on products and services just had their legs cut out from under them by a president who says he wants unity – but is having trouble finding it.

The leftists justify such economic and personal carnage as the unavoidable casualties of the Climate Change War that they are self-righteously prosecuting.

Irrational, actions such as stopping American pipelines that carry gas and oil will do nothing to decrease global greenhouse emissions – especially when the major polluters are China and India. But they help the Democrat extremists get to their real goal — making fossil fuels more expensive. They believe that by driving up the cost of all fossil fuels, people will be forced to get their energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Meanwhile the left has turned its back on the most reliable, proven and effective zero-emissions energy producer – nuclear power.

Among the many problems with the Democrat-left strategy is that it will take decades, if not longer, until renewables will be able to meet even a major portion of the enormous power demands we have today – especially if nuclear power is completely omitted.

I believe there is a place for wind and solar energy in our energy strategy, but at best it will be a small adjunct part to the massive energy needs of America. There are no examples of a modern industrial nation eliminating fossil fuels to meet modern societal demands. Germany has spent billions in pursuit of renewable energy Nirvana and fell woefully short of its needs – but managed to burden its people with among the highest energy costs in Europe. Now Germany is importing oil from Russia.

Biden’s desire to please the far-left enviro-extremists seeking 100 percent renewable energy for the world will hurt working families who depend on industrial jobs and will burden every person and business that buys energy in America. If the President continues on this path, the cost of heating and cooling homes, running electric appliances – even running electric cars — will skyrocket. And judging from the energy policy in California, homes and businesses will have to contend with continual power outages. Economic productivity will nose-dive.

Like Biden, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is also heavily invested in the unrealistic dreams of the radical left. He envisions a carbon free New Jersey in 30 years. That’s an unrealistic time-line and everyone who understands energy knows it.

America and NJ need realistic approaches to problems, not utopian dreams. Workers and families need to be protected. So far President Biden is off to a bad start – unless his goal is to pander to the extremists in his party that don’t care about jobs; in that case he is doing very well.