Christian Barranco for NJ Assembly 2021

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Property Taxes N.J. reached another ignominious milestone this month. The average property tax bill in the state is now more than $9,000 – among the tops in the nation. That’s a lot of money for working class people to pay. And consider that most people living outside heavily subsidized cities are paying a lot more […]

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A Message From Christian

Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign website. I am running for the Republican nomination in Legislative District 26 that spans Morris, Passaic and Essex Counties and I am asking for your support in the Republican Primary Election.

I believe very strongly that New Jersey needs drastic change to make the state more affordable and livable for working people; especially middle-class families.

The change we need will not come if we continue to send the same people to Trenton year after year. The same people who say they are fighting for us but have so little to show for it. Change will not come by legislators making tired speeches in the Statehouse.

We need new, aggressive legislators to represent us in Trenton; people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard to create change. Hard work, not excuses, is exactly what we need from the Republican Party.

The Democrats are NOT going to simply give us lower taxes, less regulation and more liberty. We are going to have to fight for those things. How do we that?

We do that by getting out of the halls and backrooms of Trenton and into the communities to inform voters on issues and build consensus on the changes that people want and New Jersey desperately needs.

Part of my pledge to you is that I will not become a Trenton Insider. I will spend most of my time as your legislator in the District talking to the people I represent. I will host Town Hall meetings to let you know what is going on in Trenton and how we can mobilize to fight the oppression of the Progressive Democrats. And I will fight for what is best for working people and business owners.

New Jersey cannot continue down the road it has traveled the last 20 years. We need a new direction. I promise you that I will fight to give you and your family a better New Jersey.

Christian Barranco

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